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About International Marine Industries

International Marine Industries, Inc. (IMI) was established in 1977 as a supplier of bait to lobstermen fishing in the North Atlantic. The founder, a fishing boat owner himself, understood the importance of quality bait and established a strong reputation for service among New England boat captains.

IMI has grown significantly since those early years. Today, we are a major supplier of commercial bait to fishing fleets in the Pacific Northwest and around the world, as well as a top supplier of Groundfish and other species both domestically and internationally. Experience is key, and with IMI being a leader in the commercial bait industry for more than 40 years’, working with boat captains and vessel owners, we continuously excel. Our teams expertise and knowledge are the foundation of the long term relationships IMI has established with leading companies in the seafood industry. These relationships have evolved into a full circle process in that we purchase seafood products directly from the boats we are supplying bait to.

Our squid, herring, mackerel, sardines and other bait products are harvested and processed by our contract fishing partners with whom our staff works closely to ensure our customers’ specifications are met. Our long-term commitment to quality and our reputation as a reliable partner in the industry allow IMI to always offer a consistent supply of products.

The Cod, Pollock and other groundfish species we supply to both seafood processors and distributors are MSC-certified ensuring only top quality fish is distributed. Our International Department is handling more and more export shipments worldwide.

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